“Alternate reality” – Truth or Lie?

“Alternate reality” – Truth or Lie?

“Alternate reality” – Truth or Lie?
August 22, 2018

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“Alternate reality” – Truth or Lie?

As human beings we tend to look at the world and try to understand it through our senses. When we are regenerated by the Holy Spirit, we realize that there is more to this world than meets the eye.

In the Western world we’ve become accustomed to staring into a flat screen and we believe it is the new reality. People type messages on a devise and think they are really communicating with friends without looking them in the eye. Society’s perception of reality has changed significantly whether we acknowledge it or not. Technology created a type of “alternate reality” which distances us from the true reality around us. This “alternate reality” is nothing new.

There has been a subtle attempt to change reality for thousands of years. It has been written down for us to read in the pages of Scripture. People who do not know God’s Word will easily fall prey to the deception. Satan have been working for millennia to create a reality which does not exist.

To understand where this “alternate reality” comes from, we need to go to the Garden of Eden. God revealed to Adam and Eve what is real, but Satan came into the garden to introduce Eve to another reality. He deceived Eve into believing that the reality God created was not the real deal. Adam and Eve were deceived into believing that there was another reality which could make them wise – make them like God.

Only two realities exist:

The physical and the spiritual. Satan introduced a false alternate reality. It is a reality where mankind is in control of themselves. It is a reality where mankind thinks they are in control of their own destiny. In this “alternate reality” they believe that nothing and no-one has any authority over them.

Scripture teaches that we are all born into a physical reality through physical birth. Scripture also teaches that we are born as spiritual slaves into a spiritual reality under the control of the god of this world (Ephesians 2:2). We are born into the physical reality as human beings and the spiritual reality as salves to Satan. Only when we are regenerated by the Spirit of God are we transferred from the kingdom of darkness to the Kingdom of light.

The alternative reality Satan offers to mankind is slavery and bondage disguised under the veneer of “human free-will”. Satan deceives mankind into believing that they can be the champion of their own destiny. It is clear that they are his slaves. Satan deceives them into believing that they can be the god of their own lives when in fact they are fallen sinners by nature and actions. This “alternate reality” only exists in the minds of those who have been deceived into believing that it exists.

Believers are called to share the truth of God’s Word to a world. They have been deceived into believing that the “alternate reality” will lead to fullness of life. We have the privilege to tell people who are caught in this “alternate reality” that there is ONE who is THE WAY – THE TRUTH – THE LIFE. Only when we truly know Him will everything become real.

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