2018 African Pastors Conference

2018 African Pastors Conference

2018 African Pastors Conference
November 6, 2018

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The African Pastors Conference

12 and 13 January 2018 @ Newcastle Baptist Church

APC 2018

We hosted the African Pastors Conferences on 12 and 13 January 2018. The theme for the conference was: “Preaching salvation.” It is a good thing to get back to the fundamentals of our faith every now and then. The conference goers were blessed with 9 sessions of solid Biblical teaching.

The following topics were taught by the speakers:
  • – Why and from what do we need to be saved?
  • – How are we saved?
  • – Preaching the great truths of submission, propitiation and atonement.
  • – Union with Christ – preaching Jesus as the second Adam.
  • – Thinking Christianity – Preaching the scope of the blessings of salvation.
  • – Working out our salvation – preaching sanctification.
  • – The status of a Christian – preaching adoption.
  • – The ability and necessity to fight against Satan.
  • – The completion of salvation – preaching glorification.

We had 61 delegates who attended from difference denominational and independent backgrounds. The 2 speakers for the conference was Kennedy Sunkutu and John Linton. Kennedy Sunkutu is pastoring the Kafue Baptist Church in Zambia, South of Lusaka. This conference was his second visit to the Newcastle Baptist Church’ African Pastors Conference. The other speaker was John Linton who is pastoring Emmaus Baptist Church in Midrand, South Africa. The conference manager (Kabelo) and Ingrid (John Linton’s wife), organized the book table and registration.

The response from those who attended was positive. Those that I spoke to said that it was an opportunity for them to learn, and they appreciated the opportunity to receive teachings from the speakers. We are truly grateful to the Lord for His blessing on this, the 10th APC conference held at the Newcastle Baptist Church.

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